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4L65/70E-5 Extreme Duty - Level 5

4L65E / 4L70E-6 Extreme Duty – Level 6
Price: $3495.00 (with core exchange - more info »)

Available Installed Options

2.84/1.55 Input Carrier Kit: $599.00

B&M Cast Aluminum Deep Pan Kit: $239.00

- 6 A/N Cooler Fittings: $25.00

  • Sonnax Smart - Tech Input Housing Kit with Heavy Duty Input Shaft
  • 300M billet output shaft
  • Billet pump rotor
  • FLT machined performance pump.
  • Media blast case, bell housing, and tail housing to restore a new aluminum finish. Prep case for assembly.
  • FLT (billet 6061 aluminum) overrun piston
  • Sonnax SmartShell w/bearing kit
  • GM 5 pinion input carrier
  • GM 5 pinion reaction carrier
  • Bearing style reaction shaft
  • New reverse input drum
  • Alto wide 2-4 carbon lined band with reinforced anchor
  • B/W hi-energy 3-4clutch pack
  • B/W double caged 29 element sprag
  • 4L65 low roller clutch
  • Corvette Servo
  • Sonnax super hold 4th servo
  • Bushing  kit
  • New solenoids
  • New Spacer plate
  • B/W clutches
  • Seal & gasket kit
  • Filter
  • Updated aluminum accumulator pistons
  • FLT calibrated valve body w/ HD 2-3 shift valve modification
  • Set end play to FLT specs
  • Case cooler fittings

To order now or get more information, please call Finish Line Transmissions at 630-350-7776.

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