Refresh/Upgrade Policy
After the warranty period expires (6 months) FLT will refresh and or upgrade any of its transmissions to our latest specifications for $600.00 labor plus parts & shipping cost.

Business Hours
Shop hours for Finish Line Transmissions (FLT) are 10am to 4pm Monday through Friday CST.

Terms of Payment
All transmission orders can be paid by Cashier’s Check, Postal Money Order, Bank Wire, Zelle Transfer.

Core Charges

  • $250 – 4L60E LT  2wd or 4wd
  • $350 – 4L60E LS  2wd or 4wd (Add $100 for 15 pin ISS model)   (Add $200 for 09 & up 17 pin model)
  • $400 – 4L60E LS  F-body
  • $500 – 4L65E LS  2wd or 4wd
  • $750 – 4L60E C5 Corvette
  • $500 – 4L70E LS  2wd or 4wd
  • $600 – 4L80E LS  2wd or 4wd
  • $400 – 4L80E LT  2wd or 4wd

Finish Line Transmissions warranty covers all new products for six (6) months from the original delivery date.  More »

In no manner, neither written nor implied, does Finish Line Transmissions accept liability for consequential or incidental damages to person or property resulting from the use or misuse of its products. Product failure occurring within the stipulations of the warranty policy will be dealt with explicitly under those particular guidelines.