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4L65E/4L75E – Supermatic Level 7

$5,495.00 with core exchange

Available Installed Options

2.84/1.55 Input Carrier Kit: $725.00

Rossler Pro Tree Trans Brake With Deep Pan: $995.00

B&M Cast Aluminum Deep Pan Kit: $325.00

– 6 A/N Cooler Fittings: $25.00


  • Powder coat case, bell housing, tail housing satin black.
  • Sonnax Smart Tech Housing Kit with HD (300M billet input shaft) – New update as of 12/1/2023
  • Sonnax 300M billet output shaft
  • Sonnax HD reaction shaft kit
  • Sonnax HD overrun clutch hub
  • Sonnax smart shell kit
  • Sonnax performance pack
  • Sonnax super hold 2nd servo
  • Sonnax super hold 4th servo
  • Sonnax HD 2-3 shift valve
  • Sonnax extra wide band (Kevlar)
  • New reverse input drum
  • Vacuum tested valve body with Sonnax updates
  • Machine pump halves to FLT specs (includes billet pump rotor)
  • GM 5 pinion input carrier
  • GM 5 pinion reaction carrier
  • B/W hi-energy 3-4 clutch pack
  • B/W 29 element sprag
  • 4L65 low roller clutch
  • New torrington bearings
  • New solenoids
  • New internal wiring harness
  • New manifold pressure switch
  • New spacer plate
  • New seals & gaskets
  • Case cooler fittings
  • Dyno tested

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